For the last three years Ed has been directing performance dubbing and script adapting into English for Netflix and Amazon Prime foreign language content. 

Working with the studios Liquid Violet, Voice Archive and VSI in London he has directed the dubbing performances for various Netflix and Amazon series and films including, the Swedish Six Part Series ANXIOUS PEOPLE, the German Film directed by Christian Schwochow JE SUIS KARL, the first Spanish Netflix original "TRES DIAS DE NAVIDAD" (THREE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS), the Hindi animation "BOMBAY ROSE". The Jordanian Netflix six part original series "ALRAWABI SCHOOL FOR GIRLS". Assistant dubbing director on The twelve part Spanish period dramas "HEIRS TO THE LAND" and "LA COCINERA DE CASTAMAR" (THE COOK OF CASTAMAR) and the Netflix animated children's series "STARBEAM". As well as for AMAZON PRIME, the French series "MIXTE (VOLTAIRE HIGH)" and the film "THE MADWOMEN'S BALL" directed by Melanie Laurent

As a script adapter Ed has adapted the scripts for the Netflix films "JE SUIS KARL" and "CAPTAIN NOVA".

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Other commercial dubbing clients Include: